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#4 Why call it a Cabin?

March 5, 2019

‘Why call it a Cabin?’ Because cabins bring good times, laughter and memories.
We’ve spent a ton of time refining our concept of a cabin, we’re keen to share some of that thinking with you.

We should clear up at the outset that our reference to a Voyager Cabin is not intended in the literal ‘Davy Crockett’ sense. The use of the term ‘cabin’ is a reference the connection we can have to a special place. For us, cabins are modest, cosy and practical. They are honest, authentic and often treasured.

You go to a cabin to relax, to connect with family and friends, to create memories. Maybe to explore the outdoors, read a book, disconnect from the digital world.

Cabins provide the backdrop for experiences and sharing. Yes, the concept of a cabin does lend itself to remote and wide-open spaces, but if you get past the idea of log houses, squirrels, plaid bush shirts and wood-chopping the concept of a small, cosy dwelling where people come together can apply in many different settings.

The Scandinavians are legendary for their weekend lake houses. Here in New Zealand, there’s nothing more iconic than a tiny seaside bach/crib, complete with furniture and fittings that haven’t changed much in 50 years. The Scots have their Bothies, some even made from the peat and stones that grew the whiskey that’s drunk in them.

In Japan, these same concepts are applied to small dwellings in highly built-up urban settings. In New York, the classic Brownstone Walk-up apartment can elicit the same sort of feeling as we seek to create with Voyager Cabins.

So whether our cabins are located in a country or urban environment they should still evoke some emotional response to those who experience it.

Sure, Our Voyager Cabins have a different industrial aesthetic than many urban buildings. But we think that’s a point of difference to be proud of. We hope you do to.

If you’ve any feedback we’d love to hear it. Follow us on facebook to see more as we create our prototype. Stay tuned.

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