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#1 What is a Voyager Cabin?

January 26, 2019

Hi, I’m Shanon. Together with my wife Shelley, we are launching Voyager Cabins.

We have been wanting to create our own cabin business for a while and with a passion for the outdoors, mindful living & smart building design we recently took the plunge, leaving corporate roles, to combine these interests into Voyager Cabins.

Voyager Cabins are small modular prefab dwellings. That’s a fair mouthful. More simply, they are a flash cabin! They are designed for use as homes, holiday homes, tourist accommodation or as secondary dwellings.

They are designed to be somewhere to escape to that contains

“Everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

The design philosophy behind Voyager Cabins references New Zealand’s long and proud history in alpine and mustering huts.

The mid size Voyager cabins is a two-bedroom dwelling with separate kitchen, bathroom and laundry, open plan lounge/dining and two decent sized loft spaces. Approx 60m2.

They have a slightly rugged industrial look and utilise shipping containers as the base structure. This modern aesthetic makes them perfect for a wide range of environments, spanning built-up areas to rural surroundings.

We are in the process of building several prototype Voyager Cabins in Central Otago. Once complete, we will live in our first cabin to ensure we have an understanding of what it’s like to live in and use our products.

We are keen to share our insights along the way. Follow us on Facebook to read about our progress.

Voyager Cabins can almost be placed anywhere…where you would put yours?

If you have any thoughts we’d love to hear it them.

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